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Bend & Central Oregon Septic Installation & Repair

Also Serving The Cities of: La Pine, Chemult,
Gilchrist, Crescent, Sunriver Oregon

Cascade Septic serving Bend, La Pine, Redmond, Chemult and the rest of Central Oregon is the reliable source for all of your Septic Installation needs.  Cascade Septic is here to take care of your septic system installation from beginning to end.  We will be glad to consult with you about your septic installation needs and our estimates are always free.
There are many factors to consider in the installation of a septic tank system.  We are a professional company with the knowledge and experience to expertly determine the proper location and optimum size for your new septic system.  We will speak with you about how many people will be using the system, your water usage, the use of washing machines and garbage disposals, and water conservation techniques to ensure your septic tank functions properly for many years to come.
We look at the location of the plumbing in your home or business and size the slope of the land and your lot dimensions.  The septic tank will be placed in an area with more than adequate drainage. It should always be accessible for pumping when routine maintenance is needed. 
Before excavation, all buried gas, electric, and other utility lines need to be located.  For new construction, we also take into consideration future expansion and locations of sidewalks, patios,driveways, and garages.  We will also consult with you about proper landscaping for a septic system location to make sure trees, and roots do not interfere with the drainfield.
With the proper maintenance scheduling, your septic tank system will provide you with years of service and Cascade Septic will make sure everything flows smoothly.




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