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Bend & Central Oregon Septic Pumping

Also Serving The Cities of: La Pine, Chemult,
Gilchrist, Crescent, Sunriver Oregon

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  • 24/7 Emergency Septic Service
  • Free estimates and evaluations
  • Repair of malfunctioning septic systems
  • On-site septic system installation
  • Septic system certification and inspection
  • System design and consultation
  • Sand Filters & Alternative Treatment System
  • Commercial  and Residential pumping
  • Septic Pumping

Cascade Septic is a trusted name in septic tank pumping, septic installation, and septic repair. We provide complete septic service for Central Oregon and Bend areas. We have many years experience and our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value is why our loyal customers won't go anywhere else.  Our friendly & knowledgeable staff is here 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to serving you!

We use modern equipment to efficiently clean your system and we can even get to those hard to reach septic tanks. Proper service and maintenance of your septic system will maximize the septic systems life and prevent annoying failures. Schedule an immediate service call if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Wet area or liquid waste around the septic tank
  • Toilets running slowly or backing up
  • Septic odors are in the house
  • Septic tank has not been pumped or serviced in the past 5 years

When having your system serviced, it is important that the manhole only be used for pumping. This precaution minimizes the risk of harm to the system and maximizes the ability to properly clean the system. Regular and proper maintenance is all that is needed to prolong the life of a system.

A “let well enough alone” attitude is not a practical approach to your septic system maintenance. We want to help prolong the life of your septic system and help eliminate unwanted emergencies. Please call us for septic pumping or service so we can help!





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Bend, La Pine, Chemult, Gilchrist, Crescent, Sunriver Oregon

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